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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely regarded as the gateway between the West and the East thanks to its strategic location, tax free economy, and excellent infrastructure. As such, it’s no surprise that the UAE is one of the most preferred company formation destinations in the world. Hence, business consulting and initial support is quite common amongst foreign investments.

If you want to take advantage of the free market in the UAE but are not sure how to incorporate the right way, business consulting services are readily available in the country to help you find your feet. Business consulting enables you to discover the free zones and regions in UAE where your business setup can flourish while getting all the government support, infrastructure, and resources to grow!


The UAE has a very stable macroeconomic environment for investment, thanks to government spending on infrastructure, significance of business consulting and resourcing, and its pro-business attitude. UAE has also signed double taxation avoidance treaty with more than 52 countries in the world, offering easy access to markets in Africa, Asia, CIS countries, Far East and Europe as well as the areas surrounding the Red Sea and the Gulf.

At My Business Consulting DMCC, we provide business consulting to help you ensure that your business venture in UAE turns into a profitable and growth oriented company that is supported by world class infrastructure and resources.

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UAE's influence on Business Setup Consultants

Management Software

Over the last few decades, the UAE has consistently established itself as a major international investment and tourist destination, making it unquestionably every entrepreneur’s goal to establish a company here. Given the abundance of options it provides to international investors, businesses, and entrepreneurs, it is one of the greatest destinations in the world to grow your business. You should be well-versed in the UAE market and aware of the startup fees associated with starting a business there before forming a company.

If you are not well-informed about the legal requirements, forming a business in the United Arab Emirates might become a hardship. Several government offices must approve it, and a simple mistake will necessitate resubmitting the form and incurring costs.

Three different forms of business formation are available in the UAE, mostly in Free zones, on the UAE’s Mainland, and Offshore. For each of these enterprises, there are separate regulations and processes for forming a company.

Documents Required to Setup Business in UAE Mainland

Setting up a company in Mainland UAE can be a dream come true for businessmen around the world. The various advantages, such as a strategic location, robust logistical network, easy availability of raw materials and labour etc., help create a wonderful business environment in the Mainland UAE.
The package provided by Commitbiz starts from AED 18,000. The Expert consultants at Commitbiz will assist you in fulfilling all the necessary requirements of the business in the UAE Mainland.


Requirement for LLC (Individual)

Copy of Passport, Emirates ID, Family Book, Work ID of the Emirati
Copy of Passport, Visa page and Emirates ID, or Tourist visa of Expat Partner
Name suggestion (Minimum 5 options)

Documents Required for LLC (Corporate Ownership)

Trade license / Incorporation certificate of the mother company
True copy of company’s memorandum / articles of association
Board of directors’ resolution for being a partner in a new company in the emirate of UAE
Power of Attorney to the representative/ Manager
Copy of Passport, Emirates ID, Family Book, Work ID of the Emirati shareholder

The Three Major Business Jurisdictions in UAE

The Benefits of Business Setup Consultants in UAE

The finest business consultants in UAE are essential for new investors and business owners for a number of reasons. And the most important reason is that their services may provide them with critical answers for successfully establishing businesses.

Let’s examine a few of the benefits listed below.

Seven factors for hiring a Business Consultant in Dubai

Based on the type of your firm, employing a consultant will allow you to concentrate on your primary tasks. And if you seek guidance from a consultant, you may even develop and adopt brand-new, more efficient business processes. Additionally, you will be able to avoid a number of hassles and processes while starting your firm.

  1. Choosing the appropriate commercial activity
  2. Selecting the appropriate jurisdiction for a company
  3. Determining the business’s corporate structure
  4. Managing & handling Governmental Organizations
  5. Documentation procedures for company setup in Dubai
  6. Offer guidance or counsel on business operations.
  7. Affordable company formation in Dubai

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